About Me

My name is Cathryn Roosa, and I’m a vegan.

Well, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. This is my second blog, a followup, or a more mature version of GreenGrl.com (which died in a tragic billing accident in 2016). Here I share my passion for living green, leaving my smallest eco footprint while leaving a large mark on the world. No one is perfect, but I believe there are small things we can do daily to leave a positive impact on the world. Whether that be volunteering, sharing a smile, spreading positivity, or reducing your impact on the environment.

My small apartment in Syracuse, NY is a place of endless creativity and inspiration and I would like to share that with you! Follow me as I repeatedly redecorate, obsess over the beauty of other internet bloggers, and DIY my way through life.

Interested in my other adventures? Follow me on Instagram @cathrynroosa for daily posts on my life, my food (warning: food porn ahead), and my cat Marley.